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The Flour Pot is the exciting Brighton & Hove based Wholesale & Retail Bakery with five city locations and a brand new licensed restaurant in the iconic King’s Road Arches on Brighton Beach right next to the i360. It is the destination of choice for people of all ages seeking real bread, delicious baked goods, great coffee and excellent service.

Our artisanal bakers and talented chefs are based in the Fishergate part of the city in The Flour Pot’s contemporary Bakery & Production Kitchen. There they develop and produce the highest quality loaves,  viennoiserie, pastries and cakes along with an exquisite  selection of  innovative  fresh food products and dishes for retail and wholesale customers alike seven days a weeks all year round.

In our eponymous shops and restaurant, Flour Pot’s helpful and friendly staff are ready to make sure you enjoy your visit with us every time. Highly trained Barista’s create fabulous coffee with our very own Signature Blend and are always ready to talk you though all our products and ingredients if you suddenly find yourself caught between a Strawberry Doughnut and the ultimate piece of Chocolate Cake!

Over the next few years we will take The Flour Pot to new places, but with it will come the best ingredients, products, service and experience for all our customers all the time.

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Work begins

Mixing starts for todays production except for the sourdoughs and baguettes as they are a day ahead.



Create the perfect form

Shaping begins for our ciabatta, rustics, burger buns and croissants.



Break the mould

The baguettes are ready for baking after being slowly fermented overnight.

baking bread


Into the oven

Sourdough loaves were also shaped the day before and are now ready to bake.

Bread oven


Out of the oven

The rustics and ciabatta are baked after proving for 3-4 hours.

Bread cooling


Time to go

The baguettes, burger buns and croissants are baked and sent out on the first delivery still warm from the oven.

Made in Brighton


Arrival on the shop floor

Once the final loaves come out of the oven we start to clean down and make sure we have all the slow fermentation breads in our dedicated cold room ready for tomorrows production.


Cake Production


Kick start the ovens

First thing, warm up the ovens, prove the croissants and begin baking morning patisserie.




Prep for delivery

Getting the numbers right is critical, checking off all the delivery notes ready for the day  before we load the vans.

Flour Pot Delivery Van

The Flour Pot Fleet

Load the vans

Getting our goods to our customers safely and in pristine condition is important, so we created bespoke storage in our Flour Pot vans.

Delivery note


Dispatch the goods

Once everything has been checked and loaded, we set off to deliver to customers across the South East.

Small Batch Coffee


Keeping it fresh

Making two deliveries a day seven days a week mean our customers only ever get the freshest products straight from our Bakery & Production Kitchen.



Cake prep begins

It doesn’t stop there… it’s now time for cake and next-day preparation, mixing and baking.

Team Chat


Planning begins for the next day

Time for a team regroup so we can do it all over again tomorrow.

Flour Pot Bakery Brighton

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